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BSF gym Mobile App



What you get with the BSF gym mobile app

available for download on the Apple App Store & Google Play


Custom Training Programs 

Get an exclusive training program designed specifically for you to achieve your goals. Your personalized custom training program will include workouts, meal plans, hydration as well as activity goals.  You will also receive access to BSF's experienced Personal Training team.


Customized Nutrition Plan and Coaching

Get meal plans based on your dietary preferences, goals and background.  Utilize the meal tracker/ diet log with calorie & macronutrient counter.  We will constantly update your plan to ensure you get to eat what you like while keeping it healthy.


Compliance Tracking

Build long term healthy habits with weekly and monthly compliance trends for workouts, nutrition and everything else.


Weekly Check-ins

Check-in with weekly photos and measurements to keep track of your progress. Make amends whenever required.


Wearable Integration

Connect your wearable device with the app to track your daily activity levels and workout metrics like heart rate and calories burnt.


One-on-one Video Personal Training Sessions

Connect with me over one-to-one video calls to discuss your goals, progress, techniques and more.

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