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World Health Day: Let's do something New!

As spring the "season of renewal" is upon us. Look to do a new thing in fitness. Our bodies are very smart, they will master a skill based solely off consistency. But after we master those skills we often don't learn how to progress them. This is when our fitness results tend to plateau, or we become disinterested in intensifying are training to dictate results. Because what took us 1 hour a couple months ago is now taking us 2 hours. Or the same Bench routine we've been doing for the past 10 years has finally decided to start hurting your shoulders. That's why it is important to do a new thing. Be proud of past accomplishments, but leave them in the past as you have now equipped your body for bigger and more ambitious challenges. This doesn't mean go attack the latest fitness trend or find what's happening in the streets and just copy it. This means take a look at where you have been physically and where you would like to go. Reassess your goals and through either personal research, training or fellowship with fitness minded professionals; you can discover options that help you continue your fitness journey on another level.

Examples: If you run for hours to build cardio fitness. Consider taking a strength class or performing a HIIT workout. This may help bring down the duration of your workout and challenge your muscular endurance vs. Cardio endurance.

If you are into yoga. Look into different forms of training that will not compromise your flexibility but make you stronger throughout your Range of Motion, like Functional strength training.

If you are strength training try to add some cardio time/days to your routine. This can help boost fat lost and help unveil some of the muscles you've been building all along.

No matter what change you desire add on by learning and challenging yourself to do something new. Come check us out at Balance Strength and fitness and we will help discover the new you. Happy World Health Day!

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